A simple single instance application for Qt

version 1.1.1

To install:

❯ qpm install de.skycoder42.qsingleinstance


A simple single instance application for Qt


  • Allows to run an application as "single instance"
    • This means only one instance at a time of the application will be running
    • Subsequent starts send their arguments to the running instance, instead of starting a new one
    • Instances are generated per user
  • It supports all kinds of applications, with or without gui.
    • For gui/widgets applications, you can register a window to be activated


The package is providet as qpm package, de.skycoder42.qsingleinstance. To install:

  1. Install qpm (See GitHub - Installing, for windows see below)
  2. In your projects root directory, run qpm install de.skycoder42.qsingleinstance
  3. Include qpm to your project by adding include(vendor/vendor.pri) to your .pro file

Check their GitHub - Usage for App Developers to learn more about qpm.

Important for Windows users: QPM Version 0.10.0 (the one you can download on the website) is currently broken on windows! It's already fixed in master, but not released yet. Until a newer versions gets released, you can download the latest dev build from here:


Check the three example projects to see what you can do for each application type. The following shows a simple console-based example:

#include <qsingleinstance.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
	QCoreApplication a(argc, argv);
	QSingleInstance instance;

	//this lambda only gets executed on the first instance
	instance.setStartupFunction([&]() -> int {
		qDebug() << "Instance running! Start another with -quit as first argument to exit";
		return 0;

	//new instances send their arguments and this signal is received on the main instance
	QObject::connect(&instance, &QSingleInstance::instanceMessage, [&](QStringList args){
		qDebug() << "New Instance:" << args;
		if(args.size() > 1 && args[1] == "-quit")

	return instance.singleExec();


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License: BSD_3_CLAUSE

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