Utils for easy c++ and qml integration of common android features

version 1.0.2

To install:

❯ qpm install de.skycoder42.androidutils


Utils for easy c++ and qml integration of common android features


  • Utilizes androidnative.pri
    • Adds qmake wrappers and additional code to make integration easier
    • Automatically registers androidnative when registering AndroidUtils
  • Adds a singleton for c++/qml
    • Show a toast
    • Trigger haptic feedback
    • Change the statusbar color


The package is providet as qpm package, de.skycoder42.androidutils. To install:

  1. Install qpm (See GitHub - Installing)
  2. In your projects root directory, run qpm install de.skycoder42.androidutils
  3. Include qpm to your project by adding include(vendor/vendor.pri) to your .pro file
  4. Add the line apply from: "androidutils.gradle" at the very bottom of your build.gradle file
    • That file is located in your android source directory, the directory with your manifest (See Demo/android)
    • If you don't have the folder, you can let QtCreator create one for you. Go to Projects > [Your Kit] Build > Create Android APK and create the templates by pressing Create Templates

Check their GitHub - Usage for App Developers to learn more about qpm.


Just include/import (import de.skycoder42.androidutils 1.0) the class and use the methods. All the setup and registrations are done automatically.


By default, AndroidUtils defines the JNI_OnLoad for you. However, if you need to define this method yourself, this will create a conflict! To prevent AndroidUtils from creating the method, add the following line before including the vendor.pri

CONFIG += noJniOnLoad
# ...

In that case, make shure you initialize androidnative.pri by adding AndroidNative::SystemDispatcher::registerNatives(); to your JNI_onLoad implementation!


This variable should contain the root directory of qpm, i.e. the vendor directory. By default (if you don't set the variable), it is set to $$_PRO_FILE_PWD_/vendor. If your qpm vendor folder is not located in the same directory as your pro file, set this variable to the absolute path of your vendor folder. If you use the _PRO_FILE_PWD_, you can simply make the path relative to this directory, e.g. QPM_ROOT = $$_PRO_FILE_PWD_/../vendor.



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License: BSD_3_CLAUSE

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