C++ Qt API for Amazon S3

version 0.0.1

To install:

❯ qpm install com.github.msorvig.s3

Qt C++ API for Amazon S3

This project provides a simple, synchronous, C++ API for amazon S3.


Include qts3.pri in your project, or com_github_msorvig_s3.pri for the namespaced qpm version.


To begin, you need an AWS key, which consists of a key id and a secret:

QByteArray awsKeyId = ...;
QByteArray awsSecretKey = ...;

Construct a s3 object using the key:

QtS3 s3(awsKeyId, awsSecretKey);

You can then upload and download files using put() and get()

QByteArray contents = ...;
QtS3Reply<void> reply = s3.put("mybucket", contents);

QtS3Reply<QByteArray> reply = s3.get("mybucket");
QByteArray contents = reply.value();

The s3 calls are synchronous and blocks until the response is available. The bucket must exist and be accessible -- bucket management is not covered by this API.

###Error Handling

There are two levels of errors: Network errors and S3 errors. Network errors are QNetworkAccessManager errors, such as "no network connection". S3 errors are of the type "bucket not found", "object name invalid".

All S3 accessor functions return a QtS3Reply object, which is templated on the return type:

QtS3Reply<QByteArray> QtS3::get();
QtS3Reply<int> QtS3::size()
QtS3Reply<bool> QtS3::exists();

Error state checking;

bool QtS3Reply<T>::isSuccess()

Finally, the result can be obtained by calling value()

T QtS3Reply<T>::value()


The QtS3 accessor functions (get, but, exists, size) are thread-safe and may be called from any thread. The QtS3 object itself should be owned by one thread which creates and destroys it.

QtS3 signs upload requests. This includes computing a sha256 hash of upload content and will use CPU according to content size. Using one thread per request will parallelize these computations.

###Running tests

The "test" directory contains the autotest and testing data. A full test run requires a key for S3 access and a couple of test buckets. These are set using environment variables:


(The test will skip some test cases if these are not set)


Morten Johan Sørvig

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License: MIT

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