Calling Android functions from Qt without JNI

version 0.0.5

To install:

❯ qpm install android.native.pri

Calling Android functions from Qt without using JNI

It is forked from the QuickAndroid project that aim to provide a library to access Android functions from Qt/QML without using JNI.


  1. SystemDispatcher - A message queue for C++/Qt and Java/Android
  2. Send message in C++ and receive in Java and vice versa.
  3. Data type will be converted automatically. No need to write in JNI.
  4. It could be used to write your own Java code
  5. Bundled Components
  6. Image Picker
  7. Toast
  8. Wrapper of android.os.Environment / android.os.Debug / MediaScannerConnection


  1. Environment::getExternalStoragePublicDirectory()
  2. MediaScannerConnection::scanFile()
  3. Debug::getNativeHeapSize()
  4. Debug::getNativeHeapAllocatedSize()

The functions above do not require to config gradle before using.

QML Components

    import AndroidNative 1.0
  1. ImagePicker
  2. Toast


SystemDispatcher is a message queue component for delivering action message between C++/QML and Java. Data type in message is converted to the target platform automatically (e.g QMap <-> java.util.Map) . So that user doesn't need to write JNI to access their Java functions.

Moreover, SystemDispatcher is compilable on a non-Android platform. It doesn't cause any trouble to run the code on development host.

// C++ Example

#include <AndroidNative>

// Load a Java class. It will trigger the code within `static` block

QVariantMap message;
message["value1"] = 1;
message["value2"] = 2.0;
message["value3"] = "3";

// Dispatch a message
SystemDispatcher::instance()->dispatch("androidnative.example.dummyAction", message);

// QML Example

import AndroidNative 1.0

Item {

  Component.onCompleted: {
    var message = {
      value1: 1,
      value2: 2.0,
      value3: "3"
    SystemDispatcher.dispatcher("androidnative.example.dummyAction", message);
// Java Receiver

public class ExampleService {

    static {

        SystemDispatcher.addListener(new SystemDispatcher.Listener() {

            public void onDispatched(String type , Map message) {

                if (type.equals("androidnative.example.dummyAction")) {
                    // Process then dispatch a response back to C++/QML                    

// Listen from QML

Connections {
  target: SystemDispatcher
  onDispatched: {
    // process the message

Supported data type:

Qt Java
int int
bool boolean
QString String
QVariantList List
QVariantMap Map

Installation Instruction

androidnative.pri/ at master · benlau/androidnative.pri


An example program is available at: androidnative.pri/examples/androidnativeexample at master · benlau/androidnative.pri

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